‘Cryptocurrency’ Makes Its Debut in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Cryptocurrency might be the talk of the day already. However, it recently got a whole lot more legitimate.

Among over 850 new words and definitions that were added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this March are words that are related to cryptocurrencies.

The online version of the world-renowned dictionary will now include blockchain, which is defined as “a digital database containing information (such as records of financial transactions) that can be simultaneously used and shared within a large decentralised, publicly accessible network.”

Also, the term “initial coin offering” and the word cryptocurrency itself will be added.

In a press release, the associate editor at Merriam-Webster, Emily Brewster, explained: “In order for a word to be added to the dictionary it must have widespread, sustained, and meaningful use.”

She added: “These new words have been added to the dictionary because they have become established members of the English language, and are terms people are likely to encounter.”

Microcredit, microfinance, and unicorn are also some of the new additions to the dictionary.