Cuadrilla Blocked From Fracking At Second Site In Lancashire


    Yesterday, British fracking has faced another blow as the government of the United Kingdom blocked the attempts of Cuadrilla to open a new drilling site that is located in Lancashire.

    James Brokenshire, the local government secretary, said that he would not overturn the decision of the local council to deny planning permission at the Roseacre Wood site.

    He said that the firm had failed to mitigate the risks from heavy goods vehicles at a local junction.

    Meanwhile,  the secretary discovered that “local economic benefits of the proposal carry little positive weight in support of this appeal.”

    In a note that was addressed to the lawyers of Cuadrilla, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government wrote: “The proposed development would have a serious and very significant adverse impact on the safety of people using the public highway.”

    The fracker said that it was “disappointed” by the decision, however, it said that it was continuing to focus on its nearby Preston New Road site where tests have revealed positive results.

    A spokesperson for the company stated: “Cuadrilla and its investors remain committed to this opportunity and the overall prize for the UK, which includes energy security, jobs and revenue for the country,”

    Local groups celebrated the decision of the government. The Roseacre Awareness Group, a campaigner to stop the plans for years, and put together an assessment of the impact that lorries would have on the small country roads.

    It stated: “This has caused considerable stress and anxiety, residents have shown great determination and resilience in trying to protect their communities. At last, our community can relax.”

    However, the group noted: “We are still very concerned about this government’s intention to push fracking on unwilling communities and we will do whatever we can to support other communities faced with this threat.”