Damian Collins Slams Twitter Response to Russia Brexit Meddling Questions as “Inadequate”

Hamza Butt/Flickr

A leading MP has accused Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter, over the disclosure that only six advertisements on the social media platform during Brexit were linked to Russia.

The chair of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee, Damian Collins, said that the information “completely inadequate.”

Last month, MPs that were investigating fake news demanded information from Facebook and Twitter on accounts that are linked to Russia that were active during evidence after authorities in the United States identified the said activity in the Presidential elections.

The said information is also being shared with the Electoral Commission which is currently investigating the political advertising spending during the referendum last year.

Yesterday, Twitter disclosed to the commission that the state-backed broadcaster, Russia Today, paid for six Twitter ads that are totalling only more than $1,000.

Collins, in a strongly worded letter, said that the inquiry scope of his committee was different and the questions asked of it was “far wider in scope than the response provided.”

Requiring “a full response” to previous demands, Collins wrote: “It seems odd that so far we have received more information about activities that have taken place on your platform from journalists and academics than from you.”

Yesterday, Facebook disclosed its own findings, claiming that it discovered only three adverts that received only 200 views and cost less than $1.