David Davis: British Government to Release Brexit Studies to Lawmakers


On Thursday, David Davis, the Brexit minister said that the British government would hold talks with lawmakers regarding the hand over of dozens of documents assessing the effect on the economy of leaving the European Union.

Davis informed parliament that he had held discussions with the chairman of a committee that was established to examine government policy regarding Brexit.

“I am organising to talk to him about how we handle the confidentiality of the documentation that we will hand over,” said Davis. “We will be as open as we can be with the select committee.”

On Wednesday, Parliament agreed to a motion saying that the documents should be released to a parliamentary committee. The government did not oppose the proposal. However, it was not clear whether its passage would compel them to act.

Earlier this week, the government said that it had made 58 economic assessments, covering sectors from tourism to aerospace. However, it has so far rejected requests from lawmakers to publish them, stating that they could impair their negotiating position in Brexit discussions.