The Dead Contributed More Than The Living Members To The Tory Party


    Last year, more money has been received by the Conservative Party from the dead as compared to what it collected from its living members.

    Yesterday, the Electoral Commission released figures that reveal that the Tories was able to collect £835,000 from membership fees last year as compared to £1.7 million from bequests.

    The dues of the members fell from the 43 percent that was collected in 2016 when the party received £1.5 million from the fees of its members.

    In contrast, the Labour Party was able to collect £16.2 million in membership fees last year. The figure is up by 12.5 per cent as compared to the £14.4 million that it received during the previous year.

    The total income of the Conservative Party for 2017 was recorded at £45.9 million. The donations consisted of a total of £35.9 million. On the other hand, fundraising and commercial activities had a total of £677,000 and £409,000, respectively.

    On the other hand, the total income of the Labour Party in 2017 was £55.7 million with donations, grants and commercial activities amounting to a total of £18.4 million, £7.4 million, and  £4.2 million, respectively.

    Also, the Liberal Democrats had a total income that amounted to £9.7 million. The £1.3 million of the total income of the party came from membership fees while £6.1 million came from donations.

    The Scottish National Party had a total income that amounted to £5.8 million, the Green Party had a total income of £2.4 million and the United Kingdom Independence Party had an income that has a total of £1.7 million.

    A spokesperson from the Labour Party stated: “Unlike the Tories who rely on a few super-rich donors to bankroll them, we’re proud to be powered by small donations from hundreds of thousands of people across the country.”

    Early this year, Grant Shapps., the former chairman of the Conservative Party, said that the failure of the party to “come clean” on its failing membership numbers was “embarrassing.”

    According to a paper that was published by the4 House of Commons last May, the Conservative party has 124,000 members only as compared to the 522,000 members of the Labour party.