Debate Over UK Brexit Bill Scheduled for Next Month in Parliament


On Thursday, the British government said that its key piece of Brexit legislation is scheduled to be discussed in parliament on November 14 and 15, 2017, the next stage in what is assumed to be a difficult lawmaking process that will test the authority of Prime Minister Theresa May.

The European Union Withdrawal Bill is fundamental to the Brexit plan of the government, repealing the laws that made Britain a member of the European Union and transposing the current EU law into British law.

However, it has faced widespread judgment from lawmakers of all parties – including the Conservatives of May- for allowing the government to have too much power to change laws, and for not ensuring parliament a vote on the terms of Brexit.

The first two days of the much-anticipated debate, of eight scheduled at the current legislative stage, were announced in parliament by the leader of the lower house, Andrea Leadsom. The said bill successfully passed its first stage in September.

Earlier, the bill had been expected by some lawmakers. However, the government said that it needed time to review various suggested changes which are set to be discussed.

“Nearly 400 amendments have been tabled and we are looking at those with the utmost seriousness,” said a spokesperson from Brexit department.

“We look forward to continuing the debate and working with Parliament to ensure that we deliver a functioning statute book on exit day.”

Among the proposed changes, numerous have sufficient support from Conservative lawmakers to overturn the fragile working majority in parliament of PM May, which will test her ability to control a party that is divided over the Brexit plan of the government.