Deepmind Co-Founder of Included in WEF Young Global Leaders List

Photo via Youtube

Mustafa Suleyman, an entrepreneur who is based in London and the co-founder of Deepmind has been included in the list of the most influential young leaders of the world.

Suleyman established Deepmind in 2010 to make use of artificial intelligence to look for solutions to deal with real-world problems before the company was acquired by Google in 2014 to integrate the AI technology into a series of its products.

At the age of only 19, Suleyman established one of the biggest telephone counselling services that is aimed at mental health support in the United Kingdom.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) list the names of the100 ‘Young Global Leaders’ who are under the age of 40 who have engaged in looking for solutions to problems that has something to do with education, poverty, and the environment.

The said list included a combination of people that are involved in business, technologists, artists, and civil servants.

Other Brits that are on the said list include Maya Foa, a human rights lawyer who is working to end extreme human rights abuses such as the death penalty and Susannah Rodgers, a paralympic swimmer and non-executive director who is serving on the Board of the British Athletes Commission.

Mathieu Flamini, Crystal Palace and former Arsenal footballer, and was also recognised by the WEF, not for his achievements on the pitch but for his work with GFBiochemicals, the company that he established. The said company is dedicated to looking for sustainable alternatives to oil-based products.