Deliveroo Launches £6 “Lunchbox” Menu Aimed at City Workers

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Deliveroo may have your dinner delivery wrapped up, but currently, the company is also eyeing up your lunch.

The startup will begin offering a new lunchtime deal service that is called Lunchbox that will initially deliver food to workers in the City and Canary Wharf, and some parts of East London.

Lunchbox is a part of Deliveroo Editions, the company’s so-called “dark kitchens” where food is made especially for delivery. The startup will introduce specific lunch menus from Monday to Friday from midday until 3 pm.

Lunchbox is priced at £6, which includes delivery, and it will have food from Yoobi Sushi, Motu, BabaBoom, Franca Manca, Texas Joe’s BBQ & Mother Clucker and a rotating menu that is updated on Mondays.

Rohan Pradhan, the vice president of Deliveroo Editions, stated: “Lunchbox brings office workers freshly made lunches, delivered to their desk from our restaurant partners, at compelling grab-and-go prices.”

According to IDG, a retail analyst, the startup estimated that the “food-to-go” sector would be worth around £23.5bn by 2022.