Deliveroo Set To Face Scrutiny Over Pay and Working Conditions

    Photo by Sam Saunders from Flickr

    Frank Field, the chairman of the work and pensions select committee, is planning to launch an investigation regarding the pay and conditions of the workers of Deliveroo.

    He will start by gathering evidence from some of the 15,000 riders of Deliveroo over the next five weeks, and also send questions to the firm.

    Last week, issues that surround whether those people who are working in the gig economy for firms such as Deliveroo and Uber should be classed as self-employed were able to reach a new high, following the rejection of the supreme court of the United Kingdom of an appeal from Pimlico Plumbers, that entitled employees to benefits that include pension schemes, and holiday pay.

    In a statement, Field disclosed: “The weight of the evidence I’ve seen shows that bogus self-employment is being peddled by those who benefit so handsomely from the gig economy, to avoid the obligations they have to their workforce.”

    He added: “I now wish to see if this is a partial view or whether it, sadly, represents what is going on in yet another company operating in the gig economy.”

    He will be independently undertaking the said investigation. The inquiry will be separate to his role on the select committee.

    Meanwhile, Deliveroo reiterated that the self-employed status of its riders status had been repeatedly approved in the courts of the United Kingdom.

    Deliveroo stated: “Deliveroo offers riders flexible, well-paid work because this is what we know they want. Riders value having the freedom to choose when, where and whether to work, and this flexibility is only available through self-employment.”