Deputy Killed After a Gunman Shoots at Civilians and Officers Near Denver, Colorado

Photo by Tony Webster/Flickr

A gunman opened fire on the deputies of a sheriff that were responding to a call in Colorado, leaving one dead and wounding others before officers were able to kill the suspect.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said that two civilians and five deputies were also shot by the assailant. The law enforcement agency said that the deputies were responding to a call regarding “domestic disturbance.”

The Twitter account of the office said: “Suspect shot & believed to be dead & no longer a threat.”

A procession in honour of the officer who was killed during the incident was immediately planned for the same morning, with the department of the sheriff warning about heavy traffic.

The Sheriff’s Office said that the deputies responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance at about 5.15 am (local time) at the Copper Canyon Apartments that is located on County Line Road in Highlands Ranch – around 20 miles south of the city of Denver, the capital of Colorado.

Some local police forces were on alert because of the incident, while the SWAT team was said to be responding. A major road that was south of Denver was also closed down in the wake of the incident

A “code red” warning was declared for the surrounding area, with the authorities asking the local residents to shelter where they are, as well as to avoid windows and stay away from exterior walls.

An emergency shelter was also set up in the local area, with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office stating that anyone that were displaced from their homes because of the incident should go there.

The Denver office of the FBI said that it was monitoring the situation and also offered a message of support.


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