Destructive ‘Black Spot of Death’ Message Spreads to iMessage on iPhones


There is currently an iMessage bug that is called ‘Black dot of death.’ The said bug is aimed at iPhone users that will cause the Messages app to crash completely once it is opened.

The message is sent in the form of a dark, circular emoji. It has affected iMessage and will cause problems for phones that receive it.

The said bug is possibly even worse than the ‘Text bomb’ that plagued WhatsApp. The ‘text bomb’ has been affecting users of the Android thanks to there being no simple way of deleting the message once the user has received it.

Just like the bug that is experienced by Snapchat, the message works by overloading the smartphone with numerous of pieces of hidden Unicode text.

In the said case it is so effective in breaking the iPhone that the user cannot even re-open the Messages app to delete the offending message. The problem is a step up from the WhatsApp message which simply caused the screen to freeze on chat screen itself.

How does the bug work? It is schemingly simple. The victim receives the message and then all the user has to do is either tap on the message as it appears on the notifications or then taps on the black dot itself when the user opens the message.

The iPhone screen then goes blank and will remain to be blank until either a fix for the problem is issued by Apple or if the user takes advantage of one of the fixes that have already been made available online.

The message is known to be the black dot and makes it appear like that is to blame. However, in fact, the ‘black dot’ is hiding the true attack. It is said that a series of HTML characters that cannot be handled by the phone are contained in the said dot. Thus, it causes the phone to break down.

According to ‘EverythingApplePro’, a YouTuber, there is a solution for deleting the message but only if the iPhone of the user supports 3D Touch. The user simply has to press and hold on the Messages icon, tap ‘New Message’ and the user can finally access his messages while preventing the entire app from crashing. From there the user can delete the message.

However, If you do not have 3D Touch, another suggestion is to simply request Siri to start a new conversation. This solution performs the same action and should give the users access to their messages again.