Detailed Layouts of Airport Terminals are Now Displayed by Apple Maps


Looking for your gate has never been simpler.

How many times have you ever been in an airport terminal and stopped to grab something to eat at the first place that you saw, only to discover later that there are much better food options further down? If only you had chosen to walk a little further, or tried to navigate the airport directory that is found online. Currently, Apple Maps is attempting to cure that headache with an update to its app that will display the interior layout of numerous airports, as reported by Ars Technica.

The new map feature is a part of the iOS 11 update, and even though only a few airport maps were released in beta earlier in 2017—Philadelphia and San Jose—many more airports have been added. The new line-up includes the following airports: Miami, Oakland, Baltimore-Washington, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Las Vegas, Portland, and two Chicago airports, Midway and O’Hare.

Instead of observing empty grey space when zooming in on an airport, users can now see a detailed view of the terminals. Users will be able to see a complete floor plan, with indicators for food courts (and the vendors in each one), stores, security checkpoints, gate numbers, and lounges. Once users tap into each store and restaurant, users will be able to learn more information, including what Yelp reviewers suggest ordering at CIBO Express.

Apple plans to add more airports to Maps, including New York’s JFK and LaGuardia, and also LAX. At the company’s developer conference in June, the company revealed a full list of intended locations. Though the present options are only limited to airports in the United States, Apple has pledged to expand with international ones including Hong Kong, Dubai, London Heathrow, Geneva, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

Currently, Google Maps offers a limited layout of airport terminals that reveals the locations of stores and restaurants to users. However, unlike the feature of Apple, it does not display security checkpoints and gate numbers in layout view, but it does offer Street View.