Detention Of Former Nissan Chair Extended By 10 Days


Today, a court in Japan has announced that it is extending the detention of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan, for an additional 10 days, after he was re-arrested last Friday. He is set to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a jail cell in Tokyo.

Ghosn is facing new charges of unloading ¥1.85 billion (£13.1 million) in personal losses on his former company, in addition to earlier accusations that involved financial misconduct.

The extension means that Ghosn will now stay in the main detention centre of Tokyo, where he has been held since he was arrested last November.

Earlier this week, a Tokyo court had rejected an attempt to extend his detention by the prosecution, giving rise to the idea that he will have the chance to be released early. However, the re-arrest last Friday meant that Ghosn was to remain in prison.

The prosecutors have accused Ghosn of offloading a personal investment that is worth £13.1 million in appraisal losses to Nissan way back in 2008. Additionally, he allegedly further inflicted damage on the company by having it deposit a total of $14.7 million (£11.6 million) on four occasions between the period of June 2009 and March 2012 into a related bank account.

The arrest of Ghosn last November was related to the allegations of financial misconduct, in which he is accused of understating his declared income by tens of millions of pounds.

Greg Kelly, a former executive of Nissan, was also arrested and detained alongside Ghosn. He also had an extension to his detention denied last Thursday. His lawyer has requested for his release.

Both of former Nissan execs have repeatedly asserted their innocence.

An internal investigation at Nissan into the activities of Ghosn and Kelly is currently ongoing. After the arrest of its former chairman, Nissan said that it had discovered multiple instances of possible wrongdoing.