Dinner to Rival the Condemned Presidents Club Fundraiser Introduced by Helena Morrissey

    Photo via Pensions & Investments

    Dame Helena Morrissey, a City veteran, has introduced a rival dinner to the publicly condemned charity fundraiser of the Presidents Club, at which some of the female waitresses were discovered to have been sexually harassed during an investigation earlier this week.

    Morrissey is the head of personal investing in Legal & General Investment Management. She has already received support from names such as M&G, Aviva, and Schroder to organise an event which is intended to raise money for the charities which felt forced to give back the donations that were received from the Presidents Club.

    The dinner is said to be held at Mansion House. It will aim to have an event attendance between women and men unlike that of the Presidents Club male-only invitation list.

    Morrisey stated: “I feel very strongly that most men I work with are as keen as anyone on gender equality.” Morrisey chairs The Diversity Project, a pressure group, through which she is organising the said event.

    She informed reporters that the image that was presented by the allegations of groping and lewd approaches by the men at the Presidents Club was “absolutely not the City I recognise.”

    Morrissey said: “It would be a real shame if people extrapolated this event to paint the whole City in this light.”

    She added: “This is the death throes of the old regime.” Morrisey said that such behaviour is no longer being allowed in the City.

    She hopes that other cities and industries around the United Kingdom would soon follow her lead since she believes that it is not only in financial services where such pockets of misogyny continue to exist.

    The date of the dinner is yet to be decided, and it awaits to be observed whether it will be a recurring event.