Disney Reported to Exclude Controversial 20-minute Frozen Short Paying Before Coco

Photo via Belfast Live

Disney is facing a controversy following its release of Pixar’s Coco.

The film that is set against the backdrop of the Día de los Muertos of Mexico. It has been a reasonably huge hit in the United States, beating Justice League off the top spot on the film’s initial release, while earning critical adulation for its stunning visuals, the film’s thoughtful representation of the Latin culture, the themes of family, and the power of music.

However, less popular is what comes before the film. The theatrical outings of Pixar have a culture of being preceded by a short that is produced by the studio, usually no longer than ten minutes, with numerous having been received remarkably well (and even gaining a few Oscar wins) – including Partly Cloudy, For the Birds, and La Luna.

However, Coco begins with a short that is produced by Disney, not Pixar, that is entitled Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The short is a 21-minute adventure which many have portrayed as a cynical display for the upcoming Frozen sequel of the studio.

However, Mashable currently reports that Disney has presented the decision to direct cinemas to exclude Olaf’s Frozen Adventure from their screenings of Coco, asking that they use the additional time to fit in more screenings of Coco. Sources say that the exclusion will be implemented on the 8th of December.

Coco reaches cinemas in the United Kingdom on the 19th of January 2018, possibly without Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.