Disney, Warner, Universal, and Fox may Team Up on Downloadable Movies


After almost a decade of battling among movie lockers, Disney may finally have the support of other studios. According to a report, “several major Hollywood film studios” have signed up to engage in a new film service with Disney, including Warner, Universal, and Fox. Since 2010, the majority of the industry has relied on Ultraviolet to allow cross-store digital movie ownership, with Disney, as the the exception, which started its own Movies Anywhere service in 2014.

Most users got our first taste of the systems that connect purchases across stores like Amazon or iTunes via digital copy codes that are included with Blu-rays and DVDs. The studios expect that by finally working together, they can influence customers to buy more movies instead of depending on subscription services or other avenues to access their flicks.

There is no word regarding what might happen to studio support for Ultraviolet, or stores that support it like the Vudu of Walmart. However, currently, Disney Movies Anywhere links to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, FiOS and not Microsoft. The other major studios, Paramount and Lionsgate, are reportedly “supportive” but are not joining yet.