Donald Trump to Industry Leaders: America is Open for Business

Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Today, Donald Trump, the President of the US, has asked global businesses to invest in the United States of America, saying that “America is open for business.”

Talking at the World Economic Forum that was held in Davos, Switzerland, he informed the delegates of the said forum that there has “never been a better time to hire, to invest, to build in the United States.”

“Come to America where you can innovate, create and build,” said Donald Trump. “I believe in America.”

The administration of Trump has made sweeping changes to the tax structure of America, including cutting down corporate tax from 35 percent to 21 percent.

Today, Trump asked businesses to invest in the United States, saying that it would benefit global interests.

“America first does not mean America alone,” said Trump. “When the United States grows so does the world.”

Parts of the said speech had a conciliatory tone towards the global economic community, which was part of Trump’s targets during his presidential campaign.

Trump stated: “I’m here today to represent the interest of American people and to affirm America’s friendship and partnership in building a better world.

The Donald Trump has been an outspoken critic of free trade. However, today, he said that the United States was open to agreements which were “reciprocal” and “fair.”

Trump also took aim at the “unelected bureaucrats” who were imposing regulation on businesses. He said: “Regulation is stealth taxation.”

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