Donald Trump Set to Attend World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos


It was confirmed today that Donald Trump is set to be the first president of the United States to attend the Davos World Economic Forum after 18 years.

The conference that is held in Switzerland normally attracts attendees that include top business leaders, Hollywood stars, and billionaires.

It is uncommon for presidents to personally attend the event, even though vice-presidents seldom represent the United States at the said event. Bill Clinton was the first and was so far the only president of the United States to appear in person in 2000.

In a statement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said that Trump was looking forward to “promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, American industries, and American workers.”

The attendance of Trump was first reported by the New York Times, which said: “Mr. Trump’s planned appearance at an event that is synonymous with wealth and elite prestige comes as he enters the second year of a term he won on a message of economic populism.”

This year, the theme of Davos is “creating a shared future in a fractured world”.

The event will also mark the first forum in over two decades which will see the attendance of Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, who last attended when he was still the prime minister of Luxembourg.