Drunk Passengers To Face Up To £80,000 Fine

Photo by Clarence Risher via Flickr

Passengers who are found to be unruly and drunk have been given a stern warning that they could be fined of up to a maximum of £80,000 once their behaviour causes a plane to divert.

The passengers were also reminded that they may risk spending up to two years in prison and a ban from the airline for drinking heavily while they are on a flight.

The said warnings come after yesterday’s launch of the One Too Many campaign that was initiated by Baroness Sugg, the aviation minister, with retailers, airlines and airports such as Manchester, Gatwick, Birmingham, and Bristol to control excess drinking on flights.

Sugg stated:“Disruptive passengers have the potential to ruin other people’s flights, and this campaign is an important new step to ensure all passengers are aware of the consequences they face if they behave disruptively after drinking before or on board a flight.”

She added: “I am pleased to see the industry come together to ensure the experiences at our airports and on flights remain positive for everyone.”

A representative of the airline trade association IATA, Rafael Schvartzman, stated: “While we should remember that disruptive passenger incidents are still relatively rare, they rank in the top three concerns of cabin crew, and any incident is one too many. Airlines have a zero-tolerance approach to unruly behaviour and cabin crew and passengers have a right to a flight free from disturbance and harassment. We are proud to partner with UKTRF, AOA and Airlines UK on this campaign to remind passengers to fly responsibly. The party should be at the destination, not on the plane.”

Last June, Ryanair issued some calls for a ban on booze before 10 in the morning after 20 drunk passengers forced one of their flights that were en route to Ibiza to divert to Paris.