Dubai Announces Partnership with Digital Map Firm Here to Introduce a “Live Map” for Its Driverless Vehicles


Today, Dubai announced that it is working with Here, a digital mapping firm, to make use a live HD map for driverless cars as the county looks to get 25 percent of its public transport self-driving by 2030.

In an announcement that was made today, Here said that for the first time, it would aim to map Dubai with the use of a high definition technology in order to assess car positioning and congestion, and environmental data.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by Here with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority on a long-term tech collaboration to help in supporting the deployment of driverless cars at the Expo 2020, which will be hosted by Dubai.

The firm will be working on conducting a number of pilots that are aimed at enabling HD Live Map, the map of Here for driverless cars, which is said to have the ability to self-update in order to provide vehicles with accurate data about what is really happening on the road.

Th live map will serve the public service vehicles that are operating in Dubai. The firm will also make use of its own platform as a way to connect the vehicles with each other, as well as the infrastructures on the road such as sensors on pavements, and traffic lights.

The SVP of the internet of things at Here Technologies, Leon van de Pas, stated: “Dubai recognises the importance of new location technologies in making transportation more efficient, safer and sustainable for people.

“Driven by our vision of enabling an autonomous world for everyone, the Here Technologies team is excited and energized to help Dubai deliver on its ambitious plans for a driverless future.”