DUP Failing Theresa May Ahead of the Queen’s Speech


The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) orders a ‘greater focus’ to the negotiations on the Conservative side.

Theresa May faces the humiliation of her Queen’s Speech pushing through without the support of the DUP – ten days after she proclaiming that a deal was finalized.

Now, the right-wing Northern Ireland party warned the Prime Minister it “can’t be taken for granted,” while the pending negotiations seem to be in an awkward situation. DUP is also hurting the face of the Conservative side by asserting that they have a deficiency in “negotiating experience,” a day after the Brexit talks went through.

The Legal Challenge of May

It seemed an agreement was not to be made out before the Queen’s Speech, declining Ms. May the guaranteed Commons majority was hoping to get from the DUP.

If the party refrains from the Queen’s Speech vote, the Prime Minister will rely on all her MPs voting for it to push through with a majority of just two.

But the DUP source said agreement before the State Opening of Parliament could not entirely be ruled out if there was progress in the talks between the parties later today. The congregation is attempting to secure a “confidence and supply” arrangement, rather than a full-blown union after the Tories lost their Commons majority.

The Issue with DUP

Climactically, it would mean the DUP is supporting the Government on its Budget and other key votes and preventing it being brought down by motions of no confidence.

Ten days ago, Downing Street proclaimed a draft agreement had been done but was forced to rebut after a DUP spokesman denied it.

According to Sky News, “The negotiations haven’t proceeded in a way that DUP would have expected.”