EKG Heart Monitoring Could Be Included in Future Apple Watch Models


People have already seen an EKG band for the Apple Watch. However, Bloomberg reports that Apple is reportedly working on bringing the said feature directly into the Apple Watch. With EKG monitoring, the smartwatch would be capable of tracking electrical signals from the heart of the user, allowing it to detect things such irregular heartbeats. Users may think of it as a major upgrade over the current heart tracking of the device, which concentrates more on fitness. Last month, Apple revealed a joint project with Stanford in order to track irregular heartbeats with the current Apple Watch models. However, that is still limited by its sensors.

Bloomberg says that one way that Apple could implement an EKG is by having its users hold the sides of the Apple Watch, which would then transmit a weak electrical current to the heart of the user. Of course, as with any possible new feature though, it could work differently once it is finalised. There is also a possibility that Apple entirely gives up on implementing the said feature. However, given just how helpful the said feature could be — better tracking could help people prevent heart failure and strokes ahead of time — that appears unlikely.