Elon Musk: Boring Company Tunnels Are For Cyclists and Pedestrians

Photo by OnInnovation from Flickr

The Boring Company of Elon Musk is set to revolutionise the face of cycling.

In a series of tweets last Friday afternoon, the totally not-a-Bond-villain CEO clarifies that his suggested system of underground tunnels will not, in fact, be focused on bringing cars around. Instead, Musk insisted that they will mainly be for the cyclists and pedestrians.

This is a massive change from the original proposal, which showed Teslas that are being shuttled around underground.

Musk Tweeted: “Adjusting The Boring Company plan. All tunnels & Hyperloop will prioritize pedestrians & cyclists over cars.”

The Tesla founder then explained that the said system “[will] still transport cars, but only after all personalised mass transit needs are met.”

Even though the idea of creating a bold and new (underground) frontier for traffic jams always appeared a bit out there, the latest iteration of Musk is equally a head-scratcher. If it is all about efficiencies, then maybe people should just invest in existing public transit and better bike-lane infrastructures.

However, the said change is not about efficiency at all — according to Musk, at least. Instead, it comes down to entirely something else. “It’s a matter of courtesy & fairness,” as a continuation, he tweeted. “If someone can’t afford a car, they should go first.”

Musk also posted a mockup video that shows his underground pedestrian paradise.