Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Abandons Plans To Build Second LA Hyperloop Tunnel


Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, has abandoned the plans to build a second high-speed passenger train tunnel that will be located in Los Angeles, after litigation forced his The Boring Company, one of his firms, to back down from the said project.

Musk had plans to build the Sepulveda tunnel that is estimated to be 2.7 mile-long on the western side of Los Angeles, however, it has since ditched the said development project after local community groups initiated legal proceedings against the company to express their opposition to the said project.

Musk is more well-known for his roles at the top of Tesla, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, and Spacex, a rocket company. The news was released a little more than a month after he said that the testing of his Hyperloop transport system was considered to be almost fully complete. The first tunnel runs under Hawthorne from the base of Spacex in Los Angeles. It is set to open on the 10th of December.

Instead, the Boring Company will be attempting to build out its metropolitan network with a separate tunnel that will be located at Dodger Stadium. It will be designed to channel baseball fans between games and one of three existing subway stations in Los Angeles.

It is nicknamed as the Dugout Loop. The route was entered into a full-scale regulatory review by the Public Works Department of Los Angeles last August.

In a joint statement to Reuter, an official from the Boring Company and a lawyer for the plaintiffs of the suit stated: “The parties … have amicably settled the matter.”

The added: “The Boring Company is no longer seeking the development of the Sepulveda test tunnel and instead seeks to construct an operational tunnel at Dodger Stadium.”

On Twitter, Musk added his own statement to the mix. He said that the firm “won’t need” a second tunnel under Sepulveda once his Dodgers plans go ahead.

In a tweet last Wednesday, he stated: “This is completely backwards. Based on what we’ve learned from the Hawthorne test tunnel, we’re moving forward with a much larger tunnel network under LA. Won’t need a second test tunnel under Sepulveda.”

The details that are listed on the website of the Boring Company regarding the Dugout Loop said that it will initially be limited to 1,400 passengers per event. The number is only about 2.5 percent of the total capacity of the stadium. However, this could eventually be doubled in time, with fares to be set at $1 (78p) per ride.

Last October, Musk said that the shuttles themselves will have a top speed of 155 miles per hour inside the tunnel. It surpasses the results of an earlier electric sled test which was able to reach 125 miles per hour. Initially, the Hyperloop system had touted top speeds of up to 760 miles per hour.