Employees of GMO Internet to Be Paid in Bitcoin


The perks of working in a company can come in unusual forms in the world of technology.

However, office dogs, football tables, and beer Fridays all look pretty dull compared to the offer of one Japanese company to pay its staff in Bitcoin.

GMO Internet, which owns a Bitcoin trading and exchange business, is set to pay participating employees a maximum of 100,000 yen, or £600 worth of the employee’s monthly salary in Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin currently trading at over $17,500 after growing from just $1,000 at the beginning of 2017, employees of GMO could be in for a surprise from their paycheck.

However, many in the financial community are worried that the value of Bitcoin is a little more than a bubble. Over 82 percent of institutional investors in the United Kingdom believe that the bubble will burst, so that could mean that the employees could end up losing their pay in the cryptocurrency.

The purpose is not only to reward employees with a possible goldmine of cryptocurrency but to actually assist the company with its operations through the experiment.

“We hope to improve our own literacy of virtual currency by actually using it,” stated a spokesperson.

This is ahead of the entry of the company into Bitcoin “mining” next month. That is the process of adding transaction records to the public ledger of bitcoin, or the blockchain.