Equifax Breach Potentially Exposed More Data Than What Was Previously Thought

Photo by Marco Verch/Flickr

The Equifax data breach in 2017 was already remarkably serious by itself. However, there are speculations it was slightly worse. CNN has discovered that Equifax informed the Senate Banking Committee of the United States that more data might have been exposed than what was originally determined. The said hack may have compromised more driver’s license information, such as the host state and issuing data, as well as the tax IDs. In theory, it would be that much easier for the intruders to perform fraud.

The said breach compromised the date of around 145.5 million people, even though their level of exposure wildly varied. Around 10.9 million driver’s licenses of Americans were embroiled in the said hack, and only a small fraction of the exposed licenses in the United Kingdom (just below 700,000) had enough information to jeopardise the privacy of the victims.

Equifax emphasises to CNN that the first list of exposed data was never meant to be the final and definitive account of the extent of the problem. And that is not unheard of — firms frequently deliver rough assessments of the said damage in the immediate aftermath and improve the numbers as they learn more.

However, the explanation might not be enough for the officials as some senators are already clamouring for a careful investigation, and want to know the full scope of what has actually happened. The update gives them more of what they want. However, it also raises the question of why the company is still resolving the scope of the breach almost half a year after it was made public.