Equifax: Data Breach Affected Another 2.4 million Customers

Photo by Marco Verch/Flickr

On Thursday, Equifax Inc said that it was able to identify an additional 2.4 million consumers in the United States that were affected by the massive data breach from last year, bringing the total number of people whose information was compromised to over 147 million.

In a statement, the company said that the newly identified victims of the breach had their names and partial information of their driver’s license stolen. However, the company said that the hackers were not able to obtain their Social Security numbers.

The said breach was first disclosed in September. It has prompted investigations by various governments across the globe, lawsuits and the departure of some executives of Equifax.

Republican John Thune, the group’s chairman, said that the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the U.S. Senate plans to gather more information on the newly identified victims.

In a statement, Thune said: “The company should have acted sooner to mitigate the impact on these additional affected consumers.

“Equifax needs to put consumers first and shouldn’t be trying to clean up its mess in a piecemeal fashion.”

The company released fourth-quarter results on Thursday afternoon, earnings that will offer investors a better picture regarding how much it will cost them to recover from the said hack.

In November, the company said that breach-related costs amounted to $87.5 million during the third quarter. Equifax issued a fourth-quarter outlook that missed the forecasts of Wall Street, predicting costs of around $60 million to $75 million that are related to the incident during the period.

On Thursday, Equifax said that it would contact the newly identified breach victims and offer the victims with free identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.

In late afternoon trade, the shares of the company were down by 2 percent at $110.76, in line with a drop in broader equity markets in the United States.