Ericsson Awarded With 5G Contract of Verizon


Verizon has chosen Ericsson to provide networking equipment for the company’s commercial 5G launch. Verizon will deploy the 5G Core network and the pre-standard 5G commercial radio network in selected markets during the second half of next year.

The companies are exhibiting sustained industry leadership by expediting the path to 5G. Ericsson and Verizon plan to work together in order to move the mobile ecosystem towards accelerated commercialisation of 5G.

The SVP for Technology Strategy and Planning for Corporate Networking and Technology of Verizon, Ed Chan, states: “5G will change the way we work, interact, learn and play. Through our work with Ericsson, we are creating a clear roadmap and building a robust ecosystem that will enable us to maximize the potential of 5G.”

The Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks of Ericsson, Fredrik Jejdling, states: “Our pioneering work with 5G will make US consumers and businesses among the first in the world to benefit from the transformative services of the new technology. It further illustrates how our global 5G portfolio, designed to support 5G NR as standardised in 3GPP, enables first movers in the early commercialisation of 5G networks.”

In 2016, Verizon and Ericsson have conducted fixed-wireless 5G test runs using mmWave spectrum in various cities and residential neighbourhoods with different housing densities and geographies. This has been a critical step in the plan of Verizon to deploy a fixed wireless broadband network that is first-of-its-kind.

These test runs have also been necessary for understanding 5G technologies and mmWave propagation that are used in the Verizon 5GTF and the upcoming 3GPP 5G NR standard. These new technologies are anticipated to be critical in meeting the growing connectivity requirements for developing, mobile and fixed wireless, consumer broadband experiences, which includes immersive virtual/augmented reality, streaming high-definition video, and connected cloud computing.