Ex-Bartercard Founder Joins ASMX as an Advisor

Wayne Sharpe

ASMX, the blockchain company creating a global market for connecting lending communities has engaged Wayne Sharpe, the founder of Australian business, Bartercard as an advisor.

Mr. Sharpe founded Bartercard International in 1991. He served as Chief Executive and Chairman of Bartercard for 21 years and was responsible for building Bartercard in Australia and Worldwide. During his tenure, Bartercard facilitated over US$40 billion in trade, via more than 30 million transactions in 20 countries and currencies and at its peak had 136 offices worldwide. In 2014, he finalised the sale of his interests in Bartercard International when they completed an IPO on the ASX, having already founded Carbon Trade eXchange and its parent Global Environmental Markets in 2010.

He served as Chairman and Non-Executive Director at 4 Africa Exchange (Pty) Ltd, a licensed Stock Exchange in South Africa.

David Bradley-Ward, CEO at ASMX, said: “I became aware of Bartercard in the 90’s and always admired the business and with benefit of hindsight it could be argued that Bartercard created the first global digital currency. One of our team, Angus MacNee, introduced us at a recent conference and we have had a few discussions about both our businesses.”

ASMX has revealed recently that they have been working on a blockchain solution, for launch in Q1 2019, that aims to connect the world’s lending communities, some may describe it as an exchange for private corporate debt.

Bradley-Ward added, “Wayne has successfully developed a number of exchanges for equities, commodities and even carbon trading so to have him come on board at ASMX as an advisor is very exciting”.

ASMX will operate on low-latency blockchain technology stack, with unique multi-coin, multi-party and multi-directional transaction support. The integration of the ASMX platform, with very low settlement fees, could open new avenues for lending communities internationally.

Wayne Sharpe said, “I think ASMX will become an essential resource for lending platforms throughout the world. If you run a lending community, why would you not want to be able to access the kind of liquidity that ASMX could create on a global basis? I am looking forward to being able to work with David and his team as I can see many uses of ASMX beyond the initial integrations of online lenders and balance sheet lenders”.

Bradley-Ward added, “Wayne is now working on a new, innovative and regulated exchange the ‘International Crypto Exchange’ and has asked me to be an advisor to that project. I am happy to be able to assist Wayne and seeing what synergies we can create between the two projects”.

ASMX Limited is a Gibraltar registered company seeking to raise operational funds from a Token Sale (Initial Token Sale). The company applied and has been approved for a listing on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (“GBX”), which is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (“GSX”).