Ex-Special Forces hero of Kenyan shopping center massacre eliminates 2 shooters who assaulted him – regardless of being shot


Ex task force Dominic Troulan was granted the George Cross last month after assisting 200 get away to security when Islamic enthusiasts stormed Nairobi’s mall in 2013

THE George Cross hero of the Westgate shopping mall fear attack has been shot in a weapon fight with 2 assaulters, stimulating worries of a vengeance hit.

It was revealed 2 weeks ago that Dominic Troulan is the very first civilian in 41 years to win the country’s leading gallantry honour for his remarkable function in the Nairobi shopping center siege.

The ex-Special Forces soldier is credited with conserving more than 100 lives after hurrying to assist throughout the 2013 attack.

Mr Troulan, 54, succumbed to the fresh ambush while strolling in a suburban area of the Kenyan capital.

2 shooters on a motorcycle assaulted him, shooting him two times in the left leg.

The veteran Royal Marines task force promptly pulled his own 9mm hand weapon, ultimately eliminating both assaulters.

The significant occurrence triggered Foreign Office fears that Mr Troulan has been targeted by twisted Al-Shabab militants for assassination to avenge his Westgate shopping mall heroics.

The assaulters’ identities have never ever been known.

But Mr Troulan has informed good friends he thinks the occurrence a number of months earlier was most likely to be an opportunistic burglary effort.

One good friend of the hero stated it to The Sun: “Dom was strolling along a roadway with a rucksack on his back, when 2 males on a motorcycle passed him and brought up.

“The guest dismounted and approached Dom.

“There was a great deal of screaming, and the 2 of them pulled their weapons at the same time.

“Dom shot the very first person two times, then the chauffeur performed at him shooting, so he put a number of rounds into him too.

“Both shooters in some way returned on their bike and repelled, but crashed 500 lawns down the roadway.

“Inquiries were made by means of our network, and it took place both guys passed away of their injuries quickly later on.”

Mr Troulan took himself to health center, where he was run on and the 2 bullets were gotten rid of.