Extent Of Instagram Influencer Fraud Exposed


A report that was released by Captiv8, a marketing specialist that has its operation based in the United States of America, revealed that various brands are wasting millions of pounds on thier marketing as Instagram influencers sometimes purchase fake followers in order to increase their reach.

The said report has revealed that approximately $2.1 billion was spent on influencer-sponsored Instagram posts 2 year ago. However, more than 11 percent of engagement on the posts was generated from fake accounts.

It said that nearly a quarter of a billion dollars had been “wasted” as an outcome of the strategy.

The influencers are able to charge more money for positive posts regarding various products and if they have more followers on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

In a statement, Captiv8 stated: “When you’re investing in an influencer campaign you want to know you’re reaching and engaging with real people – not fake followers.”

It continued: “But brands often struggle to differentiate genuine engagement from automation, leaving them with little choice but to cross their fingers and hope for the best – that strategy has not worked.”

The influencers who are promoting the fashion industry has 14 percent of all the engagements that were generated by various fake accounts or the so-called ‘bots.’

Captiv8 issued a raft of information for the firms to be able to identify the fake accounts from the real ones and to identify the reach of their sponsored posts.

Last year, Keith Weed, the chief marketing officer of Unilever, urged for prompt action to stop influencer fraud. He also announced that the firm would no longer work with influencers who buy followers on social media.

Between the period of April and September last year, Facebook removed more than 1.5 billion fake accounts, and Instagram also fought back through the deletion of inauthentic accounts.