Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension could cost him nearly $1.5 million


Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended for six games of the 2017 NFL league, according to a comment from the group.

The suspension comes after the NFL’s probe into accusations of domestic violence against Elliott done to an ex-girlfriend and other occurrences outside the field. Elliott dismissed the domestic-violence charges and last September the Columbus City Attorney’s office said they would not seek charges in the suit due to “conflicting and inconsistent information.”

But the league’s probe is a separate element, and in the message to Elliott notifying him of the stoppage.

The NFL’s Special Counsel for Conduct, Todd Jones, said that advisors and experts hired by the league “were of the view that there is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that [Elliott] engaged in physical violence against Ms Thompson on multiple occasions during the week of July 16, 2016.”

Not only will the postponement force Elliott to miss the beginning of the season but it would also cost him a lot of money. According to news from ESPN’s Todd Archer, the stopping will indicate Elliott will have to repay a part of his signing bonus that could total over $1.4 million.

In addition to losing his pay, the guarantees in Elliott’s $24.956m contract will be null. He earned a signing bonus of $16.350m and got the last deferred instalment of the bonus this year. Once he misses games, he will have to repay back a portion of the signing-bonus. For each game missed, Elliott will have to return about $240,000.

As Archer says, the suspension also void some of his guaranteed pay for the next seasons, implying that if he were to sustain a career-ending damage, he would no longer be entitled to the payment if the Cowboys were to release him.

Elliott is assumed to appeal the judgment. He has three business days to file a notice of petition, after which a trial would be carried within ten days.

The Cowboys season starts on September 10 versus the New York Giants.