Facebook Elite Hit Back At Co-Founder Of Whatsapp

By Jason McELweenie via Wikimedia Commons

Brian Acton, the co-founder of Whatsapp, has found himself to be at the centre of a public dispute with some of the former and current executives of Facebook, after his criticisms against the leadership style of Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive and founder of Facebook, which caused discomfort among the top brass of the social app company.

David Marcus, Facebook’s deputy, said that the comments of Acton, in which the founder of Whatsapp claimed that Facebook and Zuckerberg pushed through attempts to include advertising on the Whatsapp platform despite his protests, showed “a whole new standard of low class.”

In 2014, Whatsapp, the messaging app, was sold to Facebook for $22 billion (£16.8bn) and Acton stepped down from his role at Facebook in September last year over the push. He made the comments during an interview with Forbes earlier this week.

In a post that was posted on Facebook, Marcus said that the recollection of Acton of the meetings over the monetisation of Whatsapp “differ greatly from the reality I witnessed first-hand.” He added that Zuckerberg never lobbied for advertising causes.

Alex Stamos, the former chief security officer of Facebook, also waded into the war of words, to state that it is “foolish” to expect the shareholders to continue to subsidising Whatsapp forever.

The public dispute comes just days after the two co-founders of Instagram unexpectedly stepped down from their roles at Facebook. The citeda need to return to exploring “curiosity and creativity.”

However, some reports surrounding the exit of the Instagram execs suggested that Mark Krieger and Kevin Systrom had become increasingly agitated with the heavy-handed involvement of Zuckerberg in the business.

As the news of the departure of Krieger and Systrom emerged on Tuesday, Facebook lost approximately $11.6 billion. Its shares was able to recover lost ground, and as of yesterday, it was able to return to positive growth.