Facebook Launches A Dedicated Version of Workplace For Non-Profit Organisations


Workplace is a dedicated social network for the office that was introduced by Facebook. It has undergone a 2.0 revamp in order to create a separate platform just for charities, non-profit and educational organisations.

The new platform is named Workplace for Good. It aims to offer organisations all of the tools that are available to businesses via the Workplace Premium service of Facebook, but it can be accessed for free.

It was built like a Slack, Skype, and G-Suite all rolled into one. It includes various features such as a Workplace mobile app that has instant messaging, live video streaming, collaborative project groups, administrative controls that can manage the company communities, and unlimited photo, video, and file storage.

It was designed with large-scale international firms in mind. Workplace also provides support for integration with existing company software services such as Microsoft Azure, Okta, and G-Suite. The original platform counts major names including Spotify, Booking.com, and Starbucks among its over 30,000 user organisations.

The vice president of Workplace by Facebook, Julien Codorniou, stated: “Since we started Workplace in 2016, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response of thousands of non-profits using the platform and deploying it company wide.”

He added: “In reply to that demand and strong adoption, we’ve created a dedicated team and platform to manage community organisations, giving them the same product they’d pay for, for free.”

The said platform has already been launched to various non-profits and charities around the world including Comic Relief, Save the Children, It Gets Better, and Unicef.

The head of network communications at the World Wildlife Fund, Kate Cooke, said that the company found that Workplace for Good was invaluable when working across worldwide efforts such as Earth Hour, particularly in improving company engagement and mobilising the volunteers.

Codorniou added: “Modern productivity has been really undersold by traditional institutions as a source of value.

“When you work in a non-profit as a volunteer or a new staff member, often you don’t have a desk or even an email address. To attract the next generation of workers, companies need access to tools which are easy to use on mobile and prioritise a user-friendly experience.”