Facebook Makes it Simpler for Users to Share Detailed 3D Objects


Facebook has introduced the option to post 3D objects for some time now, and now the users will have some more reasons to use the said feature. The social site has launched a feature that supports for a standard 3D file format (gITF 2.0) that not only enables for richer objects with more realistic rendering like lighting and textures but also easier ways to share the said objects. New developer hooks in Graph allows any app to share 3D content, including things that the users have created on their phone. For example, the owners of Xperia XZ1 can capture an item using 3D Creator and send it directly to their feed on Facebook. The users can also directly share objects from libraries including Oculus Medium or Google Poly.

The company has also suggested “higher quality” animations, 3D models, and augmented reality.

Facebook is not shy about why it is pushing for the said improvements. It has a vested interest in promoting as much VR-friendly material as the company can, and that implies encouraging people to share posts in 3D on a regular basis. The more users see them in the News Feed of Facebook, the more likely it is that the users pick up an Oculus Rift in order to get a more immersive experience.