Facebook Messenger ‘Chatbot’ Introduced by Citi

Photo by Håkan Dahlström from Flickr

Citigroup to revealed CNBC that the American banking giant has launched a service that enables its customers to various banking information via the Messenger app of Facebook.

The service is a conversational computer program — or a chatbot. It is available to the consumer banking clients of Citi in Singapore starting last Thursday. A spokesperson for the company said that the bank plans to roll out the new service in Australia and Hong Kong later this year before moving onto some other markets in which Citi operates.

The customers who register for the said service will be able to access information such as their credit card bill summaries and account balances through the chatbot by simply sending a message.

The chatbot was developed as part of the efforts of the bank to reach out to its increasingly digital-savvy customers, especially those who are in the Asia Pacific.

Citi serves over 16 million clients across the region.

In a statement sent to CNBC, the bank said: “The rapid adoption of mobile and other digital channels has transformed how Citi’s clients bank, sign up for cards or loans, pay their bills or use the bank’s wealth management services.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, publicly announced developer tools for Messenger chatbots in 2016.