Facebook Messenger Introduces ‘Sleep Mode’ Which Locks Your Kids Out At Bedtime


Messenger for Kids of Facebook has had its share of controversy in the short time that it has been on the scene. In an attempt to clean up the reputation of the application, Facebook is now introducing a feature that most parents have been requesting for: making the app inaccessible during specific timeframes. Particularly, during dinner, when their children should be at bedtime or doing homework. Thus, the launch of “sleep mode” for the app.

When the said feature is activated from an account of a parent, the app will not be able to be accessed by the kids, blocking off the access to receiving or sending video calls and messages and the rest of the functionality of the app. Facebook says that the “off times” can be changed whenever the parents want to.

The launch won’t likely stop the voices that are saying that children should not have access to such a technology in the first place. Or, do anything to lessen the anxiety that so much digital communication at an early age could have a dreadful result on childhood development. However, if the parents are eager to stick a smart device in the hands of their kids, now they will be able to have a little more control over when their children can use an aspect of it.