Facebook Offers Breaking News Label to More Publishers


Facebook started testing a “breaking news” label for developing stories way back in November 2017. Currently, the social network is offering the option to more publishers. Starting this week, the company says that 50 additional outlets in Latin America, North America, Australia, and Europe will be privy to the tag. That is in addition to the “small group of local and national publishers” that are already making use of it. If all goes well, Facebook said that it might be able to offer the said option to even more publishers in the future.

The tag adds a red “breaking” label beside the source and time as an attempt to make the posts more visible in the News Feed of Facebook users. The said feature can be applied to links, Facebook Live videos, and Instant Articles. Publishers that are included in the test can make use of the tool once a day and include a time limit for how long the story is considered as breaking news — up to six hours.

There is also an option for the readers to report if they do not think a story deserves the tag, Facebook says that feedback will help the company improve the tool. As the users might expect, publishers will also receive specific stats on how well the tagged “breaking news” posts perform in Facebook’s News Feed. So far though, Facebook says that the tag is proving to be very effective. The company says that Likes, clicks, shares, and comments are all up on posts that have been involved in the test thus far.