Facebook revenue in all-time high as mobile advertising sales rise


Facebook shares hit a record high after it had said a 45pc surge in income in a recently-ended quarter because of continued dominance in the mobile video advertising market.

The group’s stock was up 4.5pc at $173 in after-hours trading.

Its income hit $9.3bn (£7bn) in three months which ended on June 30, of which 98pc originated from promoting, while weakened profit per share climbed just about 70pc year on year to $1.32.

Experts had estimated income would come in at $9.2bn and profit per share at $1.13.

The rise in promotions income comes from the growth of the mobile market. In a three-month time frame, Facebook said it made 87pc of its advertising revenue from mobile, up from 84pc a year prior, which means mobile advertising income rose 52pc on the year to $7.97bn.

This comes regardless of previous notices from the online networking giant that it was approaching its limit on the number of advertisements it could apply into the Facebook News Feed without making clients irate, which it calls “ad load.”

Facebook has said it will stop showing the recurrence of advertisements appearing to users in the News Feed on the Facebook application.

Rather Facebook said it was beginning to place adverts into its Facebook Messenger application and would likewise increase the number of promotions in Instagram, its photograph sharing business which it purchased in 2012.

Since mid-2013, Instagram’s user numbers have grown seven-overlap, hitting 700m not long ago. This implies it has more than twice the users Twitter has.

Nonetheless, Facebook said it expects the advertising income growth rate to slow in the second 50% of the year.