Facebook Still Needs To Convince MPs In Its Response To Cambridge Analytica


On Friday morning, MPs that are from the United Kingdom said that Facebook “continues to be evasive” regarding the handling of the company of the scandal that involves Cambridge Analytica and the role that the tech titan played within it.

As a response to a letter that was sent by Facebook to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee which was published late on Thursday evening, Damian Collins, the chair of the committee, said that the social media giant is starting to exhibit a specific pattern.

He stated: “In these responses, Facebook continues to display a pattern of evasive behaviour – a pattern which has emerged over the course of our inquiry. In some cases, these answers even show inconsistencies in their evidence to us.”

He added: “The lack of public scrutiny of social media and tech companies like Facebook, considering their profound influence over our lives, is a matter of serious concern for this committee.”

He added that the said concerns will be addressed as part of the interim report of the committee that is scheduled to be published later during the year.

Facebook first responded to an earlier version of the inquiry that was initiated by the DCMS last March 2017 and has since appeared twice before the members of the committee and presented eight written updates to additional questions.

The goal of the committee is to fully explore the role that the data that was harvested from Facebook played in the handling of Cambridge Analytica of the Presidential election that was held in the United States of America in 2016. The data was determined to illegally obtained by the consultancy.

The chairperson said that Facebook seems to be reluctant to be subject to scrutiny, and instead would prefer that their engagement would be kept to only the necessary minimum.