Facebook Will Verify Ads Through Postcards


Facebook will soon depend on the post office, a centuries-old technology, in its attempt to prevent foreign meddling during the elections in the United States of America.

On Saturday, frustrated in 2016 by agents from Russia who purchased ads in order to sway the presidential campaign in the United States. Katie Harbath, the global politics and government outreach director of Facebook, informed the National Association of Secretaries of State that the company would send out postcards to potential buyers of political ads in order to confirm if they actually reside in the United States.

The recipient would then be required to enter a code on Facebook so that they could continue with the purchase of the ad. Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Facebook says that the method will initially apply to ads that identify candidates before the midterm elections in November.

The said plan was announced a day after Robert Mueller, a special counsel, charged 13 Russians with interfering during the presidential elections.