Fairgrounds Set to Get Fairer as Showmen’s Guild Accepts Recommendations of CMA


After the watchdog intervened, changes that are making the fairground industry more competitive have been passed by guild members.

The Showmen’s Guild approved some changes to its rules which will reduce the restrictions on how close a rival fair can set up near a guild fair. The guild will also make it simpler for workers of funfairs to join the organisation and become more transparent.

Landowners will also be able to improve or change a fair which they think is not up to scratch by turning to different amusement operators.

The changes come after criticism from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) which was concerned that the lack of competition in the industry meant that millions of consumers were offered with a poor range of choices.

In 2017, the guild proposed changes which were accepted by the CMA. These were ratified during a guild meeting that occurred this month and have now come into force.

The investigation was part of a series that were looking into trade associations. In 2016, five modelling agencies were imposed with a fine for colluding on price, while the ophthalmology industries and property lettings have also come under scrutiny.