Fans of Croatian Soccer Team Cycle Their Way To Russia From Croatia Just To Watch The Word Cup

    By Agência Brasil via Wikimedia Commons

    Some avid and dedicated fans of soccer teams aims to follow their teams anywhere just to see them play in the World Cup.

    However, for five friends who are from Croatia, that passion meant cycling for approximately 1,500 kilometres or 930 miles all the way from Zagreb to Kaliningrad in Russia where the World Cup is taking place.

    The epic adventure took the group 15 days to complete. They cycled for 10 hours per day as they pedalled their way through Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

    On their way to Russia, they faced a number of challenges that included a broken bridge. As they were able to reach their final destination, the group went to a bar just to celebrate their journey with a well-earned drink.

    The group was aiming to watch the game between Nigeria and Croatia.

    One of the cyclists is Frane Lukovic. He is a 46-year-old lawyer from Zagreb. He insisted that it was nothing out of the ordinary for long-distance cyclists just like him.

    He stated: “I’m planning my world tour, so this is just preparation for it.”

    For him, he considered the trip as a personal comeback after being diagnosed with skin cancer six years ago.

    He stated: “A lot of people call us crazy, but we are just regular guys who choose cycling as our hobby, and we think about ourselves that it is possible to do this, and we did it.”