FCA Names Nausicaa Delfas as New Executive Director of International to Lead Brexit Response

By Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Nausicaa Delfas has been identified to be the new executive director of international of the financial watchdog, where she will lead the response of the regulator to Brexit.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said that Delfas would offer technical support to the government and it will work closely with international regulators, the financial services industry, and the European Union.

Delfas worked as the acting chief operating officer of FCA since 2016. She will also lead the international engagement strategy of the FCA. The beefed up new role will include a seat on the executive committee of the FCA, and Delfas will report to Andrew Bailey, the chief executive.

Bailey said that the role of the head of international reinforces the focus of the FCA on the global regulatory agenda and the importance of international cooperation.

Bailey stated: “It is also critical for our work throughout the process of EU withdrawal.”

Delfas said that she looked forward to leading the international strategy of the FCA.

She stated: “The work which we do internationally is vital to the delivery of our objectives, and it has become increasingly important given the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.”

Following a period of extended leave, Georgia Philippou has returned to the role of the chief operating officer.