Finance Chief Did Not Know of His Own Council’s £3.8m Black Hole


Cllr Jenkins, Gwynedd’s finance chief, was unaware of his own authority’s £3.8m council tax problem.

Cllr Jenkins, the lead member for finance for 4 years, stated he would “have to take a look at the figures.”

Over the whole of North Wales, local officials were owed £19m, an increase of £110,000 from 2015 and 2016.

Cllr Peredur Jenkins was not knowledgeable of how huge the council was unpaid in tax, and that the administration had the worst rate for non-collection in North Wales.

Conwy was the next worst performer, with £3.6m in arrears – its highest ever outstanding value – with them and Gwynedd having the joint lowest rate of collection of 97.3%.

Flintshire, with a £2.7m council tax black hole, had the best rate of collection among the six authorities at 98.1%, the highest in Wales.