Financial Concerns Causes 15% of Scots Psychological Problems


Research has found that money concerns have caused 15% of people in Scotland psychological problems.

Money concerns also impact on the sleep of 49% of Scots, with one in ten suffering disruption every night, based on a study released by Scottish Widows.

44% of Scots say financial concerns regularly affect their relationships.

The study also found 27% get stressed just speculating about their financial state in retirement, yet according to latest numbers, only 56% of the UK population is saving adequately for a comfortable retirement.

David Holton, a pension expert at Scottish Widows, said: “The link between everyday money concerns and mental health is well known. What is less well acknowledged is the extent to which longer-term retirement savings, and engagement with their associated issues, add to the nation’s mental health.

“What’s clear is that when people are forced to consider the reality of retirement they do recognize the need to be more prepared and are willing to put more money aside. This study shows that more needs to be done to help the UK face up to the reality of retirement and to save more money as early as they possibly can.”

The survey of 5,314 UK adults, including 446 in Scotland, was carried out in April.