Fintech Leaders Predict Market Cap of Ethereum Will Surpass Bitcoin

Photo by BTC Keychain from Flickr

A price comparison website that is called predicts that this year will be a huge year for ethereum.

The site listed a panel consisting of nine fintech leaders to analyse the world’s top 12 cryptocurrencies namely: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, cardano, dogecoin, ethereum, EOS, IOTA, litecoin, mondero, NEO, ripple and stellar lumens. The fintech leaders are enlisted to predict the values of the cryptocurrencies per unit, their market caps, as well as other performance factors for the current year.

The panel identified ethereum and stellar lumens as the two top cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018 and even predict that the market cap of ethereum will grow more than that od bitcoin this year. However, the experts still believe that bitcoin will maintain the highest value per unit by the 31st of December — the panel speculated that Bitcoin would reach almost $30,000 while anticipating that ethereum will hit $2,550.

Last night, Ethereum was priced at $885.43 with only more than 98m in circulation, though the fintech leaders anticipated that the amount that is in circulation would increase to more than 104m by the end of this year.

Jen Greyson was named by as one of the top eight women in crypto. She placed the highest ethereum price prediction among the nine fintech leaders at $6,000 and said that she is still “very bullish” on the coin.

Greyson stated: “We have our own challenges with the limitations of ethereum and can’t use it to develop our final two tokens, but even that isn’t changing my attitude about ethereum’s future.

“The platform is proven, and I still think there is hope for the scalability challenges.”

The said site conducts a monthly panel survey of the crypto opinions of fintech leaders.