Firefox Collaborated with “Have I Been Pwned” to Flag Sites that Have Been Hacked


Firefox has been having a good run as it has just released its much faster and better-looking Quantum browser. It is currently working on a new feature that security fans are bound to love: It will inform users if they are visiting a site that has experienced a data breach. Firefox is working on the feature in partnership with “Have I Been Pwned,” the popular site that is able to check the email of users and inform users if their credentials have been stolen by hackers.

The security expert that is behind “Have I Been Pwned,” Troy Hunt, confirmed the said news, with a tweet saying: “yes, we’re doing some awesome things with @mozilla and @haveibeenpwned.” The update is still in the early stages, but you can download it from Github, then compile and add to Firefox if you want to test it out. Bear in mind that it only works with the Developer Edition, though.

“The add-on is fairly basic, for now. If you visit a site on Have I Been Pwned’s naughty list, it will throw a flag stating, “You visited hacked site” It won’t stop you from entering, but it does give users an idea that, at some point or another, the site’s security procedures were less than optimal.

“As many people have now worked out, yes, we’re doing some awesome things with @mozilla and @haveibeenpwned ]]>”