Five-Year Licence in Sheffield Secured byy Uber Following Temporary Suspension


Last November, the Sheffield Council suspended the licence of Uber since it did not receive a response from the ride-hailing app company regarding its management. However, fresh negotiations have currently allowed for the renewal of the licence of Uber.

The said decision arrises as Uber continues its fight to maintain its London licence. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has taken a hard line on Uber, saying that the company will only be able to operate in the capital once it makes the changes that are requested by Transport for London, the regulator.

The head of UK cities at Uber, Fred Jones, stated: “This decision is good news for drivers and passengers who use our app in Sheffield and follows recent licence renewals in cities including Cambridge, Nottingham, and Leicester.

“We’re pleased the council has recognised the changes Uber has made under our new leadership and look forward to working with them on shared aims like improving air quality and tackling congestion.”

The London Mayor has said that the capital will only welcome tech companies that will “play by the rules.” The officials are currently in discussions with the company regarding its background checks for drivers, and how the firm reports crimes.

Khan stated: “We want not a race to the bottom, we want standards being raised.

“And many people, the day after [the decision], people are saying it is the end of time as we know it; Uber wouldn’t try to address the concerns TfL had ― and low and behold, if we take it at face value, Uber are trying to address the concerns TfL had.”