Floyd Mayweather tells Jimmy Kimmel he will pay him back if he bets on him and loses


Floyd Mayweather is known to bet on himself in his fights, and with a career record of 49 wins and 0 losses, it has paid off for him every single match.

But as guaranteed a bet for Mayweather has been in the ring, on Tuesday night while speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Mayweather made even more trustworthy for the late night host.

Jimmy Kimmel, speaking to Mayweather, said, “I feel like I might bet a lot of money to win a little money on you.”

Mayweather is now about a -550 pick in Vegas, meaning bettors would have to risk $550 to gain $100.

Mayweather came into defense and said, “It’s worth it.” He then went on to secure Kimmel’s bet saying, “Whatever you bet, if you don’t win, I’ll give it back to you.”

“Really?!” responded Kimmel, “This is the best deal ever.”

It certainly would be the best deal in the world if Mayweather is true to his word. With Mayweather seeming to become a billionaire after receiving his winnings for the match, so paying back Kimmel whatever he lost would not even shake his pocket.

Kimmel then went on to try and get some tips in betting, questioning Floyd if he thinks he would knock out McGregor, which he declined to answer, or if he thought there was any possibility the fight would go far, to which Floyd responded, “Absolutely not.” Mayweather was also reluctant to say if or not Justin Bieber would once again co-occur with him in the ring.

Chances are Mayweather is playing his cards pretty close to the chest here, but for any die-hard gamblers out there, every scrap of information you can gather is valuable.